Richard Dalrymple

One-pancake-short-of-a-full stack Designer

Passionate about design and ever the eternal optimist. I’m an experienced designer who loves grids. I really enjoy all aspects of design, I don't even mind having to trudge through lines of code, but my true passion lies in building a brand.


About Me

As we've already covered, I'm a graphic designer named Richard Dalrymple - Rick Eagles in some circles. I've been working as a designer for more than four years now. In those four years I've learned a lot about creating brands, crafting websites & how to handle rejection without flying off the handle. In the past I've worked as both an in-house designer and as part of a design team in a small agency. I've worked with a large variety of clients from many different sectors on a wide range of projects. In the future I aim to be a lead designer at some top agency but for now I just want to work with great people, on exciting projects, and grow.

What I love to do

Branding / Layouts & Grids / Website Design / User Experience / Wireframing / HTML & CSS & Sass / Responsive Design / Infographics / Clickable Prototyping / Typography / Print Design / Colour Theory

What I use

MacOS / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign / Adobe Muse / Sketch / Tumult Hype / Adobe XD / Brackets

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