XF Referral Application

An insight on how an instore referral application came to life. A customer walks into a suit rental store...


...The customer is greeted by a shop assistant who ask them if they'd like a free consultation. The assistant, wielding an iPad, uses the XF referral app to take the customer through the registration process and guides them towards a free at home try using the data they've input e.g. suit colour, neckwear colour.

The Problem

Currently stores don't have a company wide database of their customers. Their customers information is stored locally old old unwieldy storage computers. Due to the nature of the systems the assistants take the customers details down on paper then duplicate the data on PC's at a later date. Store asssisants find it hard to keep their data up to date and correct while also taking a considerable amount of time to search through when information is needed.

The Goal

We wanted to give the shop assistants an easier way to input customers data, search through their database of customers, and take actions to increase Try On conversions.

What we did

To kick of the project we started with a design workshop to build a rough idea of features. From that list of features we built out a wireframe and userflow using the scenario from the overview above.

Initial Thinking

XF Sitemap

XF consultation flow


A big consideration for the design was the device usage. It was decided that the application, while being a web-based build, would be used predominantly on an iPad. Because of this we wanted the design to have minimal scrolling required as well as being touch optimised.

Login Screen Dashboard Admin Page My Details Referral History Filters Referral Details