Abellio Ad Campaign

The company is part of Abellio Group. Abellio London and Abellio Surrey employ over 2000 staff and operate over 650 buses.

Abellio required artwork for their campaign to bid for a new Scottish contract. The artwork needed to showcase Scottish icons from the major cities of Scotland. A list was created, and with help from the client was narrowed down to a range of important buildings, and from there a hybrid skyline was created.

The skyline was designed with the abellio brand in mind, using 'abellio red'. The final skyline was able to be split in half with a 'western' and 'eastern' side. In total the skyline was made up of 16 buildings from all over Scotland and was arranged along three plains to add a layer of depth to the skyline. The final illustration was then rendered throughout the required collateral including; Popup banners, A3 Key poster, A4 press release folders & comment cards.

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