G2G3 Simulation Screens

One of G2G3’s biggest products was the simulation.

I was involved in the design and re-design of quite a few simulations over the years. Simulations are large in-person in-room affairs where the games screens on the left are projected onto large screens. The people are then split up into groups and are tasked with simulating the experience of researching, building, testing, and deploying ‘apps’.

The point of the simulation is to show how inefficient and siloed off companies are. As the game progresses they should start working together and be able to deploy more apps quicker to generate maximun profits without wasting time in the other stages of development.

When designing the e-board the biggest challenge was how it was going to be displayed. The simulations were usually done in large dark / dimly light rooms with projectors of varying quality. So we had to design to the worst case scenario meaning there had to be lots of contrast with large enough text and obvious feedback loops for buttons. Which was a nice challenge.

Four Simulation Screenshots